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Close-Up on Babis Makridis’s Pity

The Pleasure Principle of Visconti’s Death in Venice

The Radical Subjectivity of Damien Chazelle’s First Man 



‘La Noche de 12 Años,’ Which Chronicles José Mujica’s Years as a Political Prisoner, is Now on Netflix

In Widows, Michelle Rodriguez Shows Range Beyond Her Tough Action Star Persona


Next Best Picture

Selected Reviews

Birds of Passage


High Life


Vox Lux

The Front Runner


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Vague Visages

On The House That Jack Built, Art Monsters, and Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

Growing Pains: Asian Cinema and the Coming-of-Age Film




Tower. A Bright Day. 



Theater Criticism

DC Metro Theater Arts

“The Events” by Theater Alliance at the Anacostia Playhouse

“Turn Me Loose” at Arena Stage

Review: “Romeo and Juliet” at Shakespeare Theater Company

Review: “Don Cristobal” at Pointless Theatre

2018 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Blowin’ Off Steam’

2018 Capital Fringe Review: ’50 Ways. . .’

2018 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Horse People’

2018 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Vengeance in My Heart’

Review: ‘The House of Blue Leaves’ at Silver Spring Stage

Review: ‘Damned If You Do’ by Upright Citizens Brigade at Woolly Mammoth Theater Company

2018 Capital Fringe Review: ‘The City Of . . .’


Essays / Creative Nonfiction

Mask Magazine

Ditching My Vibrator for Bataille

Mamita, Aren’t You Tired of Crying?



“Nowadays” — Red Tent, Issue 5